Do you worry about how to get from an airport to a casino? — Apparently, you’re not alone, which is why the casinos are coming to help.

Casinos with Free Shuttle Service

A trip to a casino can be observed from two points of view; that of a tourist who can’t find their way and that of a casino wondering why the guest is so late. As silly as it sounds, this has been a problem for decades for both hotels and casinos. Luckily, the operators decided to put a stop to this and offer free shuttle services to their guests.

Just like there are shuttle agencies which will take you on a tour of casinos in the USA, some of the most famous and reputable casinos decided to do a similar thing. Only this time, they will make sure you reach them safe and sound, as well as on time.

Are the Shuttles Really Cost-Free?

For the most part, yes. Many resorts will provide you with this service for free, while others might slightly charge you. The costs can go as low as $5, but the casinos will make it up to you by granting bonuses that you can while gambling there.

The hotels who offer this service for free are more common though. For example, Courtyard by Marriott Norwich provides a free shuttle service to the Mohegan Sun Casino. The ride lasts only 10 minutes because the hotel is close to the highway. Moreover, the Mohegan Sun Casino is one of the most popular ones in Connecticut.

The casinos on the other side of the country don’t fall behind. Las Vegas offers plenty of free shuttle buses, even if you’re not a booked guest of a particular resort. Watch out though, because they will often give the precedent to the passengers who reserved a hotel beforehand. Also, if the casino resort you’re heading to has any sister casinos, you might still get to ride on one of their free shuttle buses. Sister casinos usually make sure their guests can taste the atmosphere in each of their lobbies.

The Mystic Lake Casino Hotel offers this service for free as well. The hotel regularly updates its webpage about its shuttle service to let the guests know if there are any unplanned delays.

Watch out for the Rules

First and foremost, the shuttles work on a schedule. Although some of them can pick you up anytime between 1 AM and 10 PM, the others are not as flexible. A lot of the resorts offer this service only during the daytime — Which is anything between the morning hours up to 9 or 10 PM. Moreover, you will also need to make sure to bring an ID, a driver’s license, and a credit card with you.

And probably the most important rule that you’re already aware of — no minors allowed. This age varies from one state to another. The Mystic Lake Casino won’t let anyone below the age of 18 ride on its shuttles. However, other states such as Connecticut or Nevada won’t let you get on the bus if you’re anything under 21. So make sure to do your research before you decide to use this service.

Reaching Casinos Was Never so Easy

It doesn’t matter if you opt for a single casino and hop onto one of their buses or if you decide to go on a tour through the country — this service will probably be free. The times when you needed a map or help from the passengers are long behind us. With some brief online research, you probably won’t have any struggles reaching your final point of destination.